Social Story: Going to the Dentist (wonderful for Autistic patients and ALL patients)

Yesterday my patient texted me and wanted to ask a few questions about the Dental Filling visit.

Here was my response:

“It’s called a filling.

We will dry off the gums and put some cherry gel on the area to make it feel tingly.

Then we will give a small pinch (needle) that will put the tooth asleep.  This is the hardest part but if your son keeps his **hands to his side and keeps his head very still** then it will be very easy.

Once the tooth is snoring then we will wash away the cavity with our tooth power washer (drill). He won’t feel a thing.

We will place a ring around the tooth that acts like a fence.

And then wash the tooth with shampoo for 15 seconds (a little sour),

some paint,

dry it with a tooth dryer and then place the filling in.

We will use the tooth dryer again and then the tooth will be ready for the final polish/buff.

It will look so beautiful like a brand new tooth.

You don’t need to worry. We will tell you everything we are doing one step at a time.

Only thing to remember is to keep your hands to your side and keep your head still like a statue.


Dr. Erwin


I’ve highlighted the key steps and keywords and I’ll edit this post later to add photos


Here is a wonderful resource (GOING TO THE DENTIST) from HANDS in Autism: