We’ve gone Green – Technology Spotlight: Digital X-Rays!

Bayview Family Dental is proud to announce that we’ve gone Green!

We’ve upgraded our X-ray system to incorporate Digital Sensors and Digital Panoramic Xrays.

This is what a digital sensor looks like:

digital xrays
increased efficiency, speed and quality

Benefits of digital xrays

  1. Fast. Because digital sensors do not need to be put through a film processor, image acquisition and diagnosis is fast.
  2. Environmentally friendly – Green. Sensors can be reused infinitely, do not generate significant amount of waste, and avoid environment-polluting processing chemicals.
  3. Low radiation exposure. Digital sensors require less radiation doses than film!
  4. Educational. Because digital images can be scaled up in size, it is easy for Dr. Erwin to show and explain findings to patients. We find that patients can relate to their treatment better and become motivated to improve their oral health once they understand what we see!



This is what a digital panoramic xray looks like:

Sirona Orthophos S

Les Pikacuits – First Lego League Champions

Bayview Family Dental is a proud sponsor of Aurora Community Champion Équipe Francobotique who attended the International First Lego League (FLL) Razorback Open Invitational in May 2023.
Our patient Amelie was part of that team, Les Pikacuits, who WON the 1st Place Champion’s Award at this international competition!
They travelled to Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA and won the CHAMPION’S AWARD of the tournament – meaning we are the best team among the 80 champion teams in attendance, from 12 different countries, at the competition!
We were cheering you on every step of the way and we are so proud to be part of First Lego League history!

Congratulations Amelie and L’AFRY “Association des Francophones de la Région de York”!

Bayview Family Dental Sponsored Les Pikacuits
First Lego League Competition

Dr. Erwin Chan recommends these Dental Toothbrushing Apps.

As a Dentist, I’m always thinking about how to get kids brushing independently. Even as a dad it can be a struggle to get my two boys, ages 2 & 5, to incorporate brushing into their daily routine and enjoy brushing on their own. I’ve found a new Dental Toothbrushing App!


For good oral hygiene, we recommend a daily routine of Toothbrushing at least twice a day and Flossing once a day. You can use manual toothbrush or electric toothbrush. If you spend 2-5 minutes each session, you can get onto all the surfaces of the teeth and remove the harmful plaque that can accumulate and sit on your teeth (leading to cavities and gum disease!!). See our “Brushing and Flossing” page for instructions on proper brushing.

To keep your teeth and gums in perfect health, Brush 2 times a day & Floss daily

The old school way for proper brushing was to use your watch, or 2 minute timer to brush off all the plaque and bacteria that sits on your teeth and in between your gums.

Start your brushing engines! 2 minutes starts NOW!
Brush your teeth! Get rid of plaque!
Brush for 2 to 5 minutes


Because of the advent of Smartphones and tablets, we can now make Brushing even more FUN for kids to start a lifelong enjoyment of toothbrushing and flossing! I’ve recommended the “Brush DJ” in the past – which allows you to listen to music as you follow along and navigate the different parts of your mouth.

Brush DJ App

Most importantly, we must make brushing and flossing FUN! Our newest app that we recommend is the “Philips Sonicare For Kids” App. I just downloaded it last week for my 5 year old son and now he LOVES waking up early to brush his teeth. There’s a “Sparkly” that hatches and you can name it – he’s named his “Skippy”, and each day you can brush in the AM and PM and they will award you with accessories like glasses you can place onto your Sparkly, spray paint that you can colour your Sparkly, and snacks that help your Sparkly grow – but also creates yucky plaque that you will brush off the next time you brush. It’s like having a Tamagotchi – do you remember those from the 90s? So fun!

“Philips Sonicare For Kids” App for Apple App Store or Google Play Store
Make Toothbrushing a fun part of daily routine. Good thing is you don’t need to have Philips Sonicare Brush. You can use this app with Manual or Electric Toothbrush.
Bayview Family Dental is located in Aurora, Ontario, Canada. Come in to meet Dr. Erwin Chan and his team today!

Full Disclosure:

Dr. Erwin Chan is not an employee of Philips Sonicare, nor does he receive any form of monetary or gift compensation. Bayview Family Dental is a dental clinic located in Aurora, ON. We are committed to creating a community with beautiful healthy smiles!

Social Story: Going to the Dentist

Social Story: Going to the Dentist (wonderful for Autistic patients and ALL patients)

Yesterday my patient texted me and wanted to ask a few questions about the Dental Filling visit.

Here was my response:

“It’s called a filling.

We will dry off the gums and put some cherry gel on the area to make it feel tingly.

Then we will give a small pinch (needle) that will put the tooth asleep.  This is the hardest part but if your son keeps his **hands to his side and keeps his head very still** then it will be very easy.

Once the tooth is snoring then we will wash away the cavity with our tooth power washer (drill). He won’t feel a thing.

We will place a ring around the tooth that acts like a fence.

And then wash the tooth with shampoo for 15 seconds (a little sour),

some paint,

dry it with a tooth dryer and then place the filling in.

We will use the tooth dryer again and then the tooth will be ready for the final polish/buff.

It will look so beautiful like a brand new tooth.

You don’t need to worry. We will tell you everything we are doing one step at a time.

Only thing to remember is to keep your hands to your side and keep your head still like a statue.


Dr. Erwin


I’ve highlighted the key steps and keywords and I’ll edit this post later to add photos


Here is a wonderful resource (GOING TO THE DENTIST) from HANDS in Autism:


Go Team Canada! IIHF World Juniors 2017

Good luck Robert Thomas and Team Canada in the IIHF World Juniors. We are so proud of you at Bayview Family Dental. It’s been a long journey and we know you and your family have worked hard and sacrificed to get here!! Go Team Canada!! #worldjuniors #iihf #teamcanada

Bayview Family Dental Sponsors Local Aurora Hockey Teams since 2005. IIHF World Juniors Team Canada

Bayview Family Dental Sponsors Local Aurora Hockey Teams since 2005. AAA York Simcoe Express to the IIHF World Juniors Team Canada

Good luck Robert Thomas and Team Canada in the IIHF World Juniors 2017. We are so proud of you at Bayview Family Dental. It’s been a long journey and we know you and your family have worked hard and sacrificed to get here!! Go Team Canada!! #worldjuniors #iihf #teamcanada


EDIT:  Gold Medal in da North!!  Canada dramatically broke a 1-1 tie late in the third and added an empty netter to get a 3-1 win over Sweden and claim the gold at the World Junior Hockey Championship 2018!  #teamcanada #goldmedal