Bayview Family Dental is proud to announce that we’ve gone Green!

We’ve upgraded our X-ray system to incorporate Digital Sensors and Digital Panoramic Xrays.

This is what a digital sensor looks like:

digital xrays
increased efficiency, speed and quality

Benefits of digital xrays

  1. Fast. Because digital sensors do not need to be put through a film processor, image acquisition and diagnosis is fast.
  2. Environmentally friendly – Green. Sensors can be reused infinitely, do not generate significant amount of waste, and avoid environment-polluting processing chemicals.
  3. Low radiation exposure. Digital sensors require less radiation doses than film!
  4. Educational. Because digital images can be scaled up in size, it is easy for Dr. Erwin to show and explain findings to patients. We find that patients can relate to their treatment better and become motivated to improve their oral health once they understand what we see!



This is what a digital panoramic xray looks like:

Sirona Orthophos S